Membee's Infrastructure, Hosting & Security: Where Your Member Data Lives

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  1. Minimum Service Levels
  2. Professionally Managed Hosting & Infrastructure
  3. Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS

Minimum Service Levels

The following outlines the technology infrastructure designed to deliver worry-free performance to Membee users and their members. Membee is pleased to provide the following Minimum Service Levels:

  • 99% guaranteed up time
  • 48 hours advanced notice of scheduled system maintenance
  • Data back up services
    • Daily incremental back ups to faciliate expedited recovery in the unlikley scenario of a catastrophic hardware failure resulting in a corruption of your data
    • Weekly full backups are performed and retained for 7 days
  • Financial service level remedies available in the unlikely event of a system failure. 

Professionally Managed Hosting & Infrastructure

A professional hosting environment managed by Pivotree, Membee's managed hosting service provider. 

  • Information Security Management System (ISMS)
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    • Multiple electronic and biometric access control points
    • Video monitoring
    • A man trap
    • All Data Centre employees undergo a complete background security check before they are hired
    • Real-time file upload scanning for malware protection
    • Facility suppliers are bonded
    • ISO 27001 certification 
    • SSAE 16 Type I & Type II Audit compliant
    • PCI-DSS certified 
    • ITIL Accredited Technical account Managers
    • Integrated Alertlogic network Intrusion Detection System (IDS) service
    • Juniper Integrated Security Gateway (ISG) firewall 
    • 24/7 On-site uniformed security
    • Access to Data Center limited to authorized Pivotree DC Technicians

  • Information Technology Service Management (ITSM)
    • 24x7x365 Service Desk and Incident Management
    • Service Level Management
    • Security Management
    • Change and Release Management
    • Availability and Continuity Management
    • Problem Management
    • Configuration Management
    • See information about managed infrastructure

  • Computing Infrastructure in Pivotree's 2(N+1) Data Centers engineered to withstand multiple points of failure
    • Self-healing, N+1 compute clustering
    • Highly scalable compute, storage and network services
    • Tier 1 and Tier 2 Enterprise SAN Storage Options
    • Support for Bare-metal, Virtualized, and Hybrid Architectures
    • Integrated Firewall, Load Balancing, and IDS services
    • Enhanced Change, Release, and Continuity Management
    • See information about managed infrastructure

  • Physical Infrastructure
    • Air is circulated and filtered every 90 seconds to remove dust and contaminants from the data center
    • VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) system provides advanced warning to stop any fire before it starts
    • FM200 fire suppression systems
    • Our data is stored and located in Toronto, ON, Canada
    • 2(N+1) redundancy via independent "A" and "B" power circuits
    • A/B Utility Grids: Facility has "A" and "B" power feeds from two independent, zero carbon emission utility grids. The "A" and "B" feeds from each utility come from four separate substations with diverse paths into the facility's secure power vault
    • A/B Generators are connected to independent ATS (Automatic Transfer Switches) and Diesel Generator Farms
    • A/B UPS: The "A" and "B" utility feeds are also connected to independent UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) systems each capable of sustaining the Data Centres full power load
    • A/B PDUs: The 20, 30 and 40 Amp, 208 Volt, 3 Phase "A" and "B" power feeds are metered and switchable at the port level via pre-installed PDUs (power distribution units)
    • A/B Power Supplies. To take full advantage of the premium A/B power systems engineered into Pivotree's Data Centre, servers with redundant power supplies are plugged into both the "A" and "B" power feeds.
    • Environmental management
    • See information about data centers

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)

PCI DSS is a set of security standards that are designed to ensure that companies who accept, process, transmit, or store credit card information follow these technical and operational requirements. PCI DSS is designed and enforced to safely secure payment data for all merchant and vendors.

For further information about following the PCI DSS, please visit the PCI Security Standards Council's website at:

With Membee, credit card data is always stored and processed by your payment gateway. Your payment gateway holds the responsibility to be PCI Compliant as Membee does not store or process credit card information. However, we've taken the extra step to be secured and PCI Compliant to best protect the safety and security of your member's data.